Our Services

Colorado Fitness & Strength has a variety of services to help you achieve your goals and maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Functional Fitness Group Classes


  • 10 person MAX limit classes to ensure 10:1 athlete to coach ratio and safe social distancing
  • Dedicated 5000+ Square Foot Indoor Training Facility + a FULL outside parking lot
  • Workout inside with a mask on or outside mask free

Private Access to our ‘Digital Gym’


  • Beyond the Whiteboard daily workout tracker app membership
  • View daily GUIDED pre-recorded follow along warm-ups (Monday-Friday)
  • Track your daily workouts and interact with other CFS Athletes progress !

Custom 1:1 Personal Coaching


  • Comprehensive custom tailored training geared towards your specific goals & expectations
  • Nutrition guidance & coaching
  • Monthly body composition screens & goal setting sessions
  • “Big Picture’’ focus & long term goal planning / maintenance (we set goals, create action plans, and support & guide you though those action plans – all while watching you achieve the best results of your life)

What's Your Goal

Learn how our programs can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Health & Longevity

Our weekly programming model combines strength training, HIIT, endurance training, and mobility to ensure you achieve well-rounded fitness for the long haul! We will track your progress daily to ensure you are achieving the results you deserve!

Strength & Conditioning (Anaerobic)

Our weekday programming model combines weight training cycles, HIIT, and plenty of mobility to ensure you achieve well-rounded fitness! Expect short-length efforts done at a high intensity.

Endurance Training (Aerobic)

Our weekends are dedicated to endurance training! We believe that proper endurance training has the potential to change your mind and body from the cell level up, making your heart function better, transforming your muscles, and improving your memory. Expect exercises that increase your heart rate and breathing rate over relatively long durations.

Personal Training (Adults & Kids!)

Our personal training services at CFS are customized, private and goal-focused. We help you design a long-term training plan that is safe and sustainable. We help you set goals, create action plans, and support & guide you through those action plans so you can achieve the best results of your life!

Nutrition Coaching

Our Nutrition Coaching Program will set you up for success; with weekly 20min accountability and strategy calls, bi-weekly body composition measurements (for those who are local!), weekly homework assignments, menu planning tips, and a weekly wrap-up email to help you stay on track!

Youth Training

Our weekday youth group classes for middle & high schoolers comprised of introductory weightlifting and short, high-intensity workouts. The workout for this program is a simplified version of our tried and true adult programming.

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