Youth Inclusive Fitness

Group classes for middle & high schoolers comprised of introductory weightlifting and short, high-intensity workouts.

Who we serve

This monthly membership program serves middle and high school students looking for a safe, supportive, and fun environment to get fit! All classes are accessible and welcoming to athletes of any sexuality and gender identity/expression with any level of experience and fitness.

How we serve them

The classes are instructed in a gender-neutral fashion (ie: we assign weights, box jump heights, etc. based on ability, not sex) and we aim to create a positive environment that drives these kiddos towards healthy long-term fitness & nutrition practices. We start off each class with a name circle where we have our athletes state their chosen names and pronouns. We respect their names and pronouns always and ensure the other kiddos/coaches in the program also respect everyone’s preferred name/pronouns.

What to expect in class?

Similar to our adult programming our youth-inclusive fitness class programming model combines strength training, cardio, and mobility to guarantee (with consistent attendance – at least 2 days/week) a well-rounded fitness. This program is perfect for someone BRAND NEW to fitness training and those who have been involved in sports/athletics their whole life. Each class is scalable and designed to challenge and empower ALL!

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